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Shift Scheduling Software
has been designed for creating and running an efficient shift operation. VisualrotaX runs in Excel, so it saves a lot of time in learning how to use it. It is stacked with features to make running your shift operation effortless and dynamic. Give someone a holiday and it tells you if you are short staffed and you have a problem. It makes it very easy to create new shift patterns, or you can use our shift patterns that are available for download. All the key parameters are displayed on the screen; Do you have enough people If you are short, then where Who has booked a holiday Who is off sick Who is on a training day Who is on cover Who is on a day off and, who is working, for how long, with what skills, on what job, when do they start, when do they finish, who with, and much more. for the whole year as well. How many hours for the year, how many shifts, how many holidays, how many sick days, how many training days, how much overtime, and much more. Key graphs and tables, annual individual schedules. All the resources you need to add your own parameters, outputs, graphs and tables.
Creating your very own first shift operation is never going to be an easy job without our help and knowledge. Creating your second shift operation is so much easier after you see your first shift operation running successfully.
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