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Hotel Staffing Hotels are an interesting business to staff, the workload is seasonal and there can be large variations day to day and week to week. One of the main problem areas are holidays: a hotels busiest times are when your staff want holidays; weekends, summer and Christmas. So how do you organise a shift pattern when you don’t know what the workload will be in advance and your staff want their holidays when you want them all available? Well there are lots of options depending upon the individual circumstances. The first thing to do is an assessment of the workload. Historical data is very important. Knowing what happened in the past is an excellent starting point for planning the future. Then you need to break down the workload by jobs and skills. Your ideal workload analysis would result in three workload profiles the minimum, median and maximum.
Then you need to decide where to staff. Do you staff for the maximum and then not cover for holidays and absences? Do you staff for the medium and increase staff when required? Do you staff for the minimum and have staff you can bring in? Once you have these profiles you can start to make decisions. From there you can create a shift pattern that allows you to increase your staffing levels when you need or reduce when applicable. Move none time dependant work to your less busy periods or run promotions according to your workload. Move your staff’s holidays to less busy periods and plan for your future. We run a training seminar especially for hotels: How to Staff your Hotel discussing how to use historical and predicted occupancy levels to plan future staffing levels. How to turn staffing levels into shift patterns and covering for holidays and absences.
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