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Business Health Check The Business Health Check is all about ensuring that you have the best shift pattern to meet your requirements. As part of this service we will assess your current operational needs, then compare this with your current shift pattern. We will then evaluate your current shift pattern and recommend any improvements. If the current shift pattern is not fit for purpose then we will suggest alternative shift patterns and evaluate how the new shift pattern will fit into your business. This will include a migration plan and contingency procedures to avoid disruption to the operation. The Business Health Check Package includes a meeting with all of the relevant stakeholders to assess the current operational requirements, a full report and a presentation on our findings and recommendations. You will also receive a free copy of our book “How to Manage Your Shift Pattern” and 50% off our software VisualrotaX if purchased within 6 months of the Health Check. Your new shift pattern can be preloaded into the software for the first year to assist you in managing your shift pattern. The report will include: Analysis of the current operation based on the stakeholders perspectives Assessment of the current shift pattern and an alternative shift pattern if required Migration plan to introduce any changes Recommendations for new policies and procedures to cover for absences and holidays It makes sense to have an independent person evaluate your shift pattern and requirements. With the recession finally behind us, you need to look forward to meet the new needs of your customers. The Business Health Check is a great way of ensuring that you will have the correct staff with the correct skills in the right place at the right time to meet your requirements.
Business Health Check could not only give you a better alignment between your workload and staffing levels, but also save you money. Part of the health check includes an assessment of your staffing levels. We can tell you how many people to employ at each skill level, and how to minimise the costs of your cover arrangements for holidays and absences. Employing the correct number of staff means that you can minimise your costs. Employ too few and your overtime budget will go up or your workload will not be competed to schedule. Employ too many and you are wasting resources. Our two Consultants; Alec and Angela, have experience in creating shift patterns for a diverse catalogue of organisations and businesses; attractions, banks, call centres, dock yards, factories, hospitals, hotels, police, power stations, printers, TV channels, universities, etc. Business Health Check Package starts from just £5,000 and will take two weeks to complete with a meeting at the start with the report and presentation of our findings at the conclusion. If you would like to book a package or to find out more information, please call us on 01636 816466 or email us. We look forward to your call.
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