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Consultancy C-Desk Technology is an established Business Consultancy that enables government and our clients to understand shift operations so that they can manage their shift operations effectively, efficiently and successfully. We provide our clients with innovative solutions that help improve the performance of their shift operation and increase profitability. C-Desk Technology consultancy service enables organisations to run an effective shift operation that can operate unhindered with thorough contingency planning. We help set up proactive holiday and absence management procedures that allow shift operations to run at optimum capacity. This allows the organisation to meet their strategic objectives through effective and efficient operations. We advise our clients on fatigue, work/life balance and wellbeing to ensure that their employees have the best work patterns to suit the operational needs. Small changes in start and finish times or the order of shifts can make a big difference to how your employees feel while working shifts. Our aim is to save you time. Time you would have spent analysing your workload, time you would have spent creating a shift pattern, time you would have spent managing holidays, time you would have spent arranging cover. We can’t turn back time; but we can help you plan for the future. Please contact us today and find out how we can help you manage your shift operations.
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