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Books How to Manage your Shift Pattern:Holidays and Absence "How to Manage your Shift Pattern" is the first shift pattern textbook. An essential management reference book that no manager should be with out. It is unique in its analysis of the problems facing shift pattern managers today. This book outlines the main problems in running a shift pattern and offers a set of solutions to encompass all circumstances. Complete with summary pages, worked examples and example shift patterns this book will help any manager run their shift pattern perfectly and effortlessly. The main problem facing all shift pattern managers is how to accommodate all of the holidays within the year and not have it effect the operation. The answer is of course to plan for the holidays in advance. With the correct shift pattern with the proper holiday management planning in place a shift pattern manager can manage the holidays of over a 100 people on less than ½ hour per day. This book contains a range of solutions for holiday management along with examples and detailed explanations of how to implement them with in your organisation. Once the holidays are sorted the next problem facing shift pattern managers will be absences. Absences have always caused problems because often they are at short notice and whatever cover arrangements are in place there is always that chance that they will still break down at the vital moment. In "How to Manage your Shift Pattern" the different types of absences are discussed, including what an absence rate of 3% actually means in practice. A wide range of solutions is discussed along with examples of how to incorporate the cover arrangements into the shift pattern. Along with holidays and absences a host of other issues are also covered in this book including: · Banked Hours · Training · Skills Mix · Fatigue · Terms and Conditions of Employment · Annualised Hours However what makes this book truly unique is that it answers the age-old question "How many staff do I need?" This book takes you through the calculations with several worked examples so that you can ascertain quickly and easily if you are under or over staffed.
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