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Call Centres Call Centres are an important function in many organisations, including government, business and commerce. They have been around for almost as long as the telephone, and ever since, managers have been trying to optimise the operation. We have been organising shift patterns for Call Centres and forecasting call rates for over 15 years. We use our own software to predict what will happen at different call rates to correctly estimate the number of operators required to provide an agreed level of service. We then turn this data into a man hours requirement and create a tailor made shift pattern to meet these requirements with a predictable cost. This can be for any type of operation, in any industry and for any ‘Opening Hours’. We have helped many organisations including Emergency Services and Repairs, Sales, Orders, and the Operators for 10 Downing Street. A new type of operation we have introduced is where multinational companies have combined their call centres around the globe into one 24- hours operation working from one overall shift pattern. We will analyse your calls to provide you with the number of Operators you require throughout the week and the year. The analysis will often expose weaknesses in the current operation, such as abandoned calls or excessive overtime, and then provide the appropriate solutions. These can take several forms, such as ‘a minimum cost operation’, meeting SLA’s, minimising down time, reducing overtime or maximising income.
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