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Training Courses

Creating a shift pattern or shift schedule from scratch can be a very daunting task. You need to understand how to plan out your shifts, understand how to include cover arrangements for holidays and absence, know the laws which will be applicable. Then there is the tremendous task of introducing your new way of working to your staff. Fortunately we can teach you how.

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Efficient Shift Scheduling  from concept to implementation: Learn how to design and introduce a new way of working shifts. From workload to absence management, this seminar is designed to help senior managers initiate an efficient shift schedule.

London 10th May 2016

 One Day Seminar: Proactive Absence Management

Proactive absence management covers mitigating the effect of absence on your business. Absences are expensive and time consuming. Each time someone is missing, you have to make a decision about how you will cover for their absence. Last minute absences can be especially expensive and difficult to cover. However we can teach you how to minimise the cost of absence.

Everyone is entitled to their holidays, and there is a lot of holidays to fit into one year. Trying to organise holiday cover is a full time job, and not a very popular one.

In this one day seminar learn how to fit everyone’s annual leave into your shift schedule and cover for any eventuality. Learn how to cover for absences without using overtime. Work out your staffing budget and learn how to stick to it.

Proactive absence management is about anticipating your absences and learning how to mitigate their effect. We will teach you how to ensure that you always have the correct number of staff, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time.


Central London, 23rd February 2016 & 27th September 2016

Regular One Day Seminars on Shift Operations: Held every 6 months

CDT01-Shift Pattern design New date: Tuesday 16th February & 4th October 2016

CDT02-Managing Shift Patterns New date: Wednesday 17th February & 5th October 2016

CDT03-Holiday Management New date: Thursday 18th February & 6th October 2016

CDT04-Implementing New Shift Patterns New date: Tuesday 1st March & 11th October 2016

CDT05- Workload Analysis New date: Wednesday 2nd March &12th October 2016

CDT06-Operations on a Budget New date: Thusday 3rd March & 13th October 2016

Location: Tea Rooms, Rolleston, Nottinghamshire, UK.


Dr Angela Moore is a leading expert in shift pattern technology. She is the co-author of the book “How to Manage Your Shift Pattern” the first guide to running your shift pattern based on fifteen years experience in the field. Creator of our latest software VisualrotaX, which is a useful tool for creating and running shift patterns. A statistician by profession, and author of several papers on statistical analysis, she has created many of the policies and procedures used by leading organisations around the globe. She has lots of experience converting theoretical solutions into practical applications with all the legal and human constraints involved.

Alec Jezewski is an expert in shift pattern technology. After running his own 24/365 business with 70 staff for 14 years, he started up his own consulancy business. He has been helping companies, since 1994, create, introduce and run tailor made shift patterns to match the companies workload. His specialist services include: Creating tailor made shift patterns, operations management advice, holiday management planning, absence cover planning, workload analysis and negotiating with unions.

Personalised Training

   Our Personalised Training Package is also available please click here for more information.

These seminars are designed for the broadest possible cross section of organisations. Organisations attending previous seminars include: Criminal Prosecution Service, Northampton University, UYT, Bord Gais, Serious Organised Crime Agency, Cargill, Cosmote Greece, Coors, Glasgow CC, Kalmar, Croda Adhesives, Heinz, London Borough of Merton, MAN, Martin-Baker, NIID, Royal Hospital Chelsea, Metropolitan Police.