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Operational Research

You can always be more efficient

Operational Research is all about using analysis to improve decision making. Dr Angela Moore uses mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, optimisation, sequencing and scheduling techniques to create simple heuristics you can employ to run your operation more efficiently.

Fair Holiday Scheduling

If you are new to holiday scheduling or just looking for a fair way to ensure your staff get the holidays they want, then read on.

There are two ways to manage your holiday scheduling:

  • Holidays Included Shift Patterns (HISP)
  • Holiday Management Plan


Holidays Included Shift Patterns

Holidays included shift patterns are a brilliant way to ensure that your staff enjoy a fair, low administration, holiday schedule. All of the holidays are rostered into the shift pattern up front. That way everyone is rostered off in turn, they all have equal opportunity to enjoy the time off they want and it’s very private. No longer do you have to listen to your staff continually asking about holidays. You empower them to swap shifts. This way if they are unhappy with the holiday dates selected for them they can just swap with someone else. It’s easy, fair, low maintenance, low administration, empowering for the staff and creates the best work/life balance possible. You can turn 5 weeks off plus bank holidays into an incredible 31 weeks off on a holidays included shift pattern.

Holiday Management Plan

A holiday management plan allows you to spread out the holidays throughout the year in a fair and consistent manner. A holiday management plan is a set of rules and procedures so that everyone knows what is expected of them. Then they can come to you with only requests they know you can agree to. If they know that you can’t comply with their request then they can swap shifts to ensure that they can still get the holiday they want.

 The secret to creating a holiday scheduling system that is fair and will work is to approach it firstly from your staff’s point of view. What do they want out of the system? Then you set it up to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to get the time off they want. Set up safeguards so that the system is not abused. Then just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


If you don’t know where to start, fear not. We have written several e-books to help you. Holiday Included Patterns which aims to provide you with the tools and techniques to make a Holiday Included Shift Pattern run smoothly. Holiday Management shows you how to avoid that backlog of work and how to hold meetings where everyone is present. Full of examples including how to use flexi time and annualised hours to match your workload. This book includes; how to quantify your holiday problem, estimate you holiday resource, how to cover for holidays, and how to spread out the holidays across the year.