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Operational Research

You can always be more efficient

Operational Research is all about using analysis to improve decision making. Dr Angela Moore uses mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, optimisation, sequencing and scheduling techniques to create simple heuristics you can employ to run your operation more efficiently.

High Sickness

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be off sick at the moment? Well it is hardly surprising with the weather that people are coming down with colds. This leads to high sickness rates being common at this time of year.

This morning, I was in one of my local supermarkets and there were four staff off sick this morning. Everyone had to do different jobs to normal and lots of overtime was being authorised. I was told that overtime was quite unusual as they were trying to keep it to a minimum. However if management only has one tool to cover absence, and that’s overtime, well you can’t blame the management for over spending. They have to use overtime or risk the consequences of understaffing.

However as a manager of a shift operation you have loads of different options available for when absences are high. You could use

  • Banked Hours,
  • Time off in Lieu,
  • Restrictions on holidays,
  • Absence management plan,
  • Extended working hours.,
  • Overtime

The first step to managing absence is to ensure that you are employing the correct number of staff. Our ebook "Calculating How Many Staff Do You Need" will tell you how many people you need to run your operation optimally.

Once you are employing the correct number of staff, you can create an absence management plan to ensure that you operation is never affected by absence.

If you would like us to create a tailor made shift pattern with absence management plan please contact us to find out more.