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Operational Research

You can always be more efficient

Operational Research is all about using analysis to improve decision making. Dr Angela Moore uses mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, optimisation, sequencing and scheduling techniques to create simple heuristics you can employ to run your operation more efficiently.

Unlimited Holidays

Virgin have introduced unlimited holidays, you can take as much holiday as you like, they don’t track them, however the caveat is that you have to ensure that you are not needed at work. Well I was always taught that that was a sign of a great manager. Everything is in place through procedures and delegation so that you will not be missed if you are not at work.

Great in theory but what about in practice? Well some people can only react to the workload that comes in day by day. Especially if this work is time critical that you would never be able to leave. On an unlimited holidays system some people may fall through the cracks and may end up taking less than 5.6 weeks. So if you are not recording holidays and someone has an accident at work, how could you prove that they have had the chance to take 5.6 weeks of holiday in the year?

However you can operate something very close to unlimited holidays. How would you like to have up to 31 weeks of holiday every year? This would not affect your career at all, no caveats. The time is given in blocks of a week to two weeks, regularly. And you don’t have to come back into work if something untoward happens. Everything is set up so that you can go on holiday without worrying because the procedures are in place.

How do you do it?

Simple go to 12 hour shifts on a Holidays Included Shift Pattern. There is no hassle, no stress. The system is set up for a year ahead. Even time critical operations like 999 call centres can use a Holidays Included Shift Pattern.

Also on a Holidays Included Shift Pattern you can ensure that everyone is getting their holiday entitlement every year.