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Operational Research

You can always be more efficient

Operational Research is all about using analysis to improve decision making. Dr Angela Moore uses mathematical modeling, statistical analysis, optimisation, sequencing and scheduling techniques to create simple heuristics you can employ to run your operation more efficiently.



Coronavirus is spreading, causing people to become sick or have to take time off work so they can self-isolate. Which if you are an office worker just means working from home. But what about factories, NHS and utilities? We need 24/7 operations to keep going. We need them to work harder and longer so that we can all survive this outbreak. Key workers are mainly shift workers. So what sort of shift pattern can they work to minimise fatigue, yet still keep this country running smoothly? We have created a course for shift managers to help them through this crisis.

Keep calm and carry on!

For a factory where you need people in large numbers working on site it’s a little harder. You need people to come into work. You need to be able to cope with high absences. You need a way of bringing in more people to work.

Now the NHS’s solution is to ask retired workers to come back for a limited time. We are all in it together mentality and helping out in a crisis. Now if you have a back up group of staff you can call on, great. The more people you can mobilise the better.

If you don’t then you need a way to get your current staff to work harder in the short term. Most companies do this naturally with overtime. But when we are talking about a large amount if overtime then you need to think about fatigue. This is especially important as our immune system is less effective when we are tired.

So how can you get them to work harder safely? In this training course we will show you how to maintain 24/7 operations with one person on duty using just three people. This can be maintained for months. If they can swap in and out with others as they become better then you can maintain it indefinitely.

We also have a film to show you how to maintain 24/7 operations with just two people. This is an extreme solution. It can only be maintained for about 24-days. Hopefully this will give you the breathing space you need. Then you can find other solutions, like bringing in management to augment the two workers.

These rota solutions are not long-term solutions, but they should help you through the outbreak. 

We will be adding more films as the outbreak continues to cover the different problems that shift operations are trying to deal with. Each company is unique. Some companies need to reduce staffing and some need more workers than ever. Over the next few weeks we will add videos on reducing staffing, holiday management during the outbreak and varying start times to minimise numbers on public transport.