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CDT02- How To Manage Your Shift Pattern

The aim of this seminar is to provide you with the tools and   techniques that will be applicable to anyone who manages shifts and would   like to improve their methods for dealing with the day-to-day problems   associated with working shifts. It includes:

  • Introduction to Running a Shift Pattern
  • Holiday Management
  • Absence Management
  • Bank (Reserved) Hours Management
  • Fatigue and Shift Working
  • Holiday Management Plan
  • Terms and Conditions of Employment

Learning Objectives:


  • Learn holiday management tactics
  • Be able to implement coping strategies for absences
  • Be able to identify the most common problems and formulate coping policies
  • Know how to tackle fatigue on shift work    



Detailed Seminar Outline:


Introduction to Running a Shift Pattern

Objective: Gain an understanding of how to run a shift pattern, the main problems you will come up against and how to tackle these issues.

  • Different Types of Shift Patterns
  • Calculating How Many Staff You Need to Provide Cover
  • Bank Holidays
  • Annual Shut Downs
  • Authorised Leave
  • Avoiding an Overtime Culture

Absence Management

Objective: Learn how to include absence cover arrangements in your shift pattern.

  • Why do you need Cover Arrangements
  • Options
  • Cross Skills Training
  • Banked Hours
  • Short Term Absence
  • Long Term Absence
  • Authorised Leave

Banked (Reserved) Hours Management

Objective: To learn what Banked Hours are and how they are used.

  • The uses of Banked ( or Reserved ) Hours
  • How to calculate Banked Hours
  • The associated costs and benefits

Fatigue and Shift Working

Objective: Learn how to avoid fatiguing staff

  • Causes and Consequences of Fatigue
  • Shift System
  • Health and Environment


Objective: Learn how to manage your staff

  • Day to day Checklist
  • Absence Checklist
  • Shift Swap Checklist