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How To Create: The Perfect Shift Pattern

This workshop is design to give you an understanding of the Perfect Shift Pattern and how you can create it for your own organisation. This workshop will be applicable to anyone who's organisation runs a shift patterns and would like to improve their understanding of shift pattern design. It includes:

  • Introduction to Shift Pattern Design
  • Workload Analysis
  • Converting Workload into a Shift Pattern
  • Basic Shift Patterns
  • Design Checklist  

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how a shift pattern is created
  • Designing for a constant workload
  • Designing for random, unpredictable and variable workloads
  • Know the key elements of shift pattern design
  • Be able to implement coping strategies for absences
  • Comprehend annualised hours
  • Be able to identify the most common problems and formulate coping policies
  • Appreciate how to include holidays as part of the shift pattern
  • Understanding of Workload Analysis
  • Be able to identify the most common and popular shift patterns
  • Eliminate all overtime or include a budgeted amount of overtime as a   contracted flexible resource  

Detailed Seminar Outline:

Introduction to Shift Pattern Design

Objective: Gain an understanding of how a shift pattern is designed and their key elements.

  • How to Create your Workload Profile
  • How to Convert Workload into a Head Count
  • What Shifts to Use
  • Combining Shifts into a pattern

Workload Analysis

Objective: Understand how to calculate your workload.

  • Determining different types of workload


Objective: Understand all of the different factors, which need to be address in any shift pattern.

  • What is the Checklist?
  • How to incorporate all the Checklist into a Shift Pattern
  • Understanding the issues associated with shift pattern design
  • Holidays Included/Excluded

Summer Holiday

Objective: Learn how to include all the holidays, especially the summer holiday, in a shift pattern

  • Why you should include Holidays in shift patterns whenever possible
  • Advantages & disadvantages of including holidays
  • Summer Holiday Period

Examples of Shift Patterns

Objective: Observe the main shift pattern designs from 4-day working to 24/7

  • 12-hour Shift Pattern
  • 8-hour Shift Pattern
  • Combining Different Length Shifts (8 and 12 hour shifts)
  • Variable Length Shifts